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We are a professionally administered search firm with its Head office in Kolkata. Having diverse experience in the industrial arena, we offer many placement services in Kolkata for a permanent footing. Our facilities include a training room for carrying out audio-visual assignments and interactive group sessions, enables amateurs to sharpen their skills. It serves as an ideal platform for the Indian market based in Kolkata to achieve great heights. We have an ingenious and vibrant team, which has a great expertise in understanding domain of human resources and recruitment market which assistance to clients who are looking for jobs.

Illuminato is created to creating a difference towards staffing solutions. We specialize in recruiting and providing candidates from various sectors with required experience and skills to meet the needs. We can manage the entire spectrum of human resource and managed to gain subsequent recognition thus providing exceptional customer services. For basic hr needs, you can come to us and see the difference we can make. We are located in Bapujinagar, Kolkata. Our HR representatives are known to carry a combined experience of 15 to 20 years under their belt to provide and kind of hiring and staffing services to clients who are looking to find a job in their domain.

We have around 10 to 15 employees who have been successful in placing more than 300 candidates in various establishments and organizations, all across the country. We exclusively specialize in various education, Core IT services, financial services, Entertainment and media etc. It helps one get noticed and uplifts the image of an individual. We have a great collaborative culture where in this agency we offer a competitive base of building careers along with rigid principles. We offer a diverse training experience to all employees including Time Management skills, Corporate Etiquettes, setting of goals etc. We aim to provide the best standard of professional individuals to meet the HR related ends, acquiring business goals and amplifying productivity.

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Waiting for your dream job? Face no more hassles, as here is a list of Job/ Placement consultancy to get the dream job in your preferred field, stationed right here in Kolkata. These recruitment agencies are instrumental in providing a host of reliable placement drives and manpower recruitment services. Illuminato stands out in the crowd as they offer a plethora of services including job assistance to clients who are looking for jobs. We provide placement for candidates who are looking to find a job in their domain or area of expertise. We will find the right employees for people to find the right job whether it is permanent, temporary, or even a headhunted position.

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